How It Works

6% of deaths are caused by unintentional injuries – more than 3 million people die without warning every year

Don’t you wish you can say goodbye? It may not matter much to you but it’s a big deal to the people you leave behind.

This is why DeadOpen is here.

You create an account. You log in. You create a note. You specify the e-mail address you want the note sent to. The note will automatically be sent to that e-mail address if you don’t log in for a month. To be safe, make it a habit to log in weekly. Do it daily if you can. It’s nothing if you consider what this can do for you.

We will all die. You may die unexpectedly. DeadOpen can do nothing about that. What it can do is give your loved ones closure. Don’t you want that?

(You can modify the note and the target e-mail address anytime. You can delete your account anytime. But why would you? It’s free!)